1500W Air cooled fiber laser source

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GW air cooled 1500W fiber laser based on 976nm pump technology, The current laser source in the market are mainly water-cooled solutions, that is, heat is taken out of the laser through the external circulation of the chiller. GW focuses on continuous discussion and innovation based on 976nm technology, combined with the high photoelectric conversion efficiency of 976nm Creatively solved the problem of air-cooled refrigeration capacity, launched the air-cooled 976nm technology for the first time in the industry, solved the power consumption and portability issues, and once again lead the technical development direction of fiber lasers.

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Product characteristics

1) MAX output power 1500W, Welding depth reach to 3mm

2) 976nm pump technology ,high efficiency WPE ≥42%

3) Simple pendulum welding head,adjustable welding width

4) Weight <60kg, compact design ,small size

5) Air cooling technology,ultra energy-saving .220V-16A

6) Triple safety protection,build-in air pressure monitoring.

Optical specification

Nominal max. output power


Central wavelength


Laser beam quality

M2<1.3, fiber core 20um

Power stability


Red light pointer


Fiber delivery cable


Electrical and Environmental

Supply voltage


Digital signal


Control interface


Electrical power consumption


Ambient Temperature Range


Ambient humidity


Mechanical specification


650x300x570 [mm] (L*W*H)




Precision Cutting Laser welding
Laser Drilling/Piercing Laser marking
3D Printing Laser bonding

Equipment integration

Fiber laser cutting machine Fiber laser handheld welder
Robot arm 3D printing machine
Surface treatment equipment Fiber laser marking machine

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