GW all laser products based on 976 nm pump technology, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, high brightness high power single module design, significantly improves the Laser cutting, Laser welding, Laser additive manufacturing and Laser surface treatment, etc. Specially new portable air cooled handheld welder, easy operation, 4X fast speed, multi-function data package integration.


  • 1000W high energy pulsed fiber laser source

    1000W high energy pulsed fiber laser source

    With GW unique all-fiber modulation pulse and single mode high brightness technology,4P single mode HB pulse fiber laser not only increase MAX peak power up to 10KW, MIN pulse width,100ns, but also customize Gauss, HBF, D mode and so on flexible output beam mode for users’ applications requirement. Meanwhile, customize 4P series pulse repeated frequency, pulse width, peak power, also custom define special output waveform for different application requirements