GW all laser products based on 976 nm pump technology, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, high brightness high power single module design, significantly improves the Laser cutting, Laser welding, Laser additive manufacturing and Laser surface treatment, etc. Specially new portable air cooled handheld welder, easy operation, 4X fast speed, multi-function data package integration.

Blade 5C-015HC-1500W

  • 1500W compact Single Mode CW Fiber Laser source

    1500W compact Single Mode CW Fiber Laser source

    Based on 976nm pump technology, GW 1500W fiber laser is single mode CW (continuous wave) laser product, it has high electrical-optical conversion efficiency ,good laser output beam quality(M^2<1.3),weight is only 20kg. Compact 1.5U rack mount design, build-in ACDC power supply, much easier to integrate to OEM’S laser cutting machine, robots ,laser welding machine 3D printing equipment and other fiber laser applications equipment.