High Efficiency 976nm Pumping Technology

With the development of fiber laser technology, single-cavity, high-brightness, high power fiber lasers solve the limitations of optical problems. When select pumping sources, the pump absorption efficiency of the active fiber for the 976nm band is 2 to 3times of the 915nm band; using 976nm pump technology, due to higher absorption efficiency, it can effectively solve the problem of non-linear effects caused by active optical fiber passing, and it is undoubtedly the best solution.


976nm pump technology is difficult. Compared with the 30% WPE of the 915nm pump technology, In 976nm pump technology, due to the increase of the optical conversion efficiency, the 976nm pump tech electrical-optical conversion efficiency up to 42%, and exceed 50% under the best condition.

Analyze the usage of customer's laser machine, when using high power fiber laser higher than 3KW, with higher EO conversion efficiency, for example 3KW fiber laser machine, with 976nm pump tech, the electricity bill will be saved 3000 USD per year, with all life time, it can be saved 15000 USD. If 10KW fiber laser machine with 976nm pump tech. it will be saved around 60000 USD all life time. High efficiency 976nm pump tech has obvious advantage in power saving application of high power lasers, which will bring huge economic benefits to end users.


Post time: Jun-11-2021