Manufacturing the Future, GW Laser Shines at FABTECH 2023

FABTECH 2023 officially kicked off the four-day event in full swing at the McCormick Exhibition Centre in Chicago, attracting manufacturing elites and technical experts from all over the world. In this manufacturing feast, GW  Laser undoubtedly became the shining focus. On the first day, GW Laser demonstrated its leading laser technologies and solutions, attracting a large number of visitors to explore, interact and communicate with each other, and injecting fresh vitality into the exhibition.


01 Leading laser technology innovation, air-cooled 12KW detonated the whole scene

GW Laser has always been a promoter of laser technology innovation, adhering to the “Custom-oriented global laser solution provider” as the mission, GW Laser continues to research and development, in 2023 launched the active air cooling 12KW fibre laser, to solve the current market 10,000-watt continuous fibre laser only water-cooled cooling defects, into air-cooled refrigeration + water-cooled refrigeration two options, to provide users with more options. Unlike water cooling, AAC 12KW continuous fibre laser adopts the world’s first active air cooling technology, which eliminates the need to equip a water cooler, provides more accurate temperature control, is fearless of the influence of the ambient temperature, and effectively improves the laser’s power stability, and makes the whole machine maintenance-free.


At the same time, the AAC continuous fibre laser 12KW with GW laser’s self-developed CHF condensed high brightness flat top technology can improve the cutting speed at the same time, to ensure that there is no over-burning, slag hanging and other problems of the bright surface cutting, to meet the demand for consistency of the cutting, and to enhance the yield of the product.

FABTECH exhibition site customers showed great interest in GW Laser AAC continuous fibre laser 12KW, some customers said that the use of GW Laser 12KW AAC continuous fibre laser, can be used without fear of cold and heat, but also greatly improve the processing efficiency, in the face of the thicker carbon steel plate cutting can still be achieved when cutting the bright surface.


02 Welding at the touch of a button, GW Laser Intelligent Laser Handheld Welder

On the FABTECH exhibition site, GW Laser’s hands-on area demonstrates the 1500W intelligent laser handheld welding machine, which adopts the world’s first active air-conditioning direct cooling technology, not afraid of the environmental impact, including three versions of the economic version, the performance version, and the certified version, which can be more flexible to meet the market demand.GW Laser’s new generation of intelligent laser handheld welding machine adopts a small optical fibre core diameter design, which is available in 25um/50um, greatly improving the beam quality under the same power, with high energy density and stable welding performance, which can support long-time welding work. 50um, which greatly improves the beam quality under the same power, high energy density, stable welding performance, and can support long-time welding work. Meanwhile, with ABR super anti-high-reflective technology, it can easily weld common steel (such as carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanised steel, etc.), as well as aluminium alloy, brass and other high-reflective materials.


At the same time, the SMAT intelligent operating system independently developed by GW Laser is equipped with 55 sets of built-in application process data packages, which can be directly selected according to the application scenarios and can be easily started without too much process fumbling. For ordinary users, the operating environment and operating scenarios are different, an easy to move the laser handheld welding is critical. Water-cooled laser welding requires additional water cooler and a large amount of water, the user is difficult to move, difficult to operate, GW Laser’s new generation of intelligent laser handheld welder weighs ≤ 62kg, the volume of about 0.1m³, perfect to meet the needs of users who need to move the small table area, welding, widely used in the kitchen and bathroom, guardrail, doors and windows, and other hardware welding market.


As Fabtech continues, we look forward to more exchanges, resonance and co-operation. GW Laser will continue to adhere to technological innovation and strive for excellence with the vision of “building a global laser technology leader around customer value”, and we will be waiting for you at the 2023 Fabtech Hall B2, B28081. GW Laser will be waiting for you in Hall B2, B28081 at Fabtech 2023!


Post time: Sep-12-2023