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GW Fiber laser products based on 976nm pump technology, high brightness output laser beam ,it’s electrical-optical conversion efficiency ≥42%,single mode fiber laser has incomparable quality and reliability which maximum output power up to 4KW, multimode fiber laser maximum output power up to 50000W which has high brightness flat-top beam mode is significantly improve the thickness metal sheet cutting speed. Here below are our GW Laser Tech independent development technologies:



ABR technology can be cutting a long time and massive differenthigh reflective metal materials such as aluminum, brass, copper,silver, gold, mirror steel etc.More than 6000 GW lasers are
servicing for end users woldwide,fully verifying the reliability andadvancement of GW ABR technology.

laser cutting ARB back reflection technology



The cutting rate is significantly improved by using Super PulsePiercing technology,which not only eliminates the stop time ofthin matel sheet piercing,but also significantly improves thecutting efficiency of thick matel massive piercing ,which fullyreflect the technical advantage of GW laser in electricity saving

SPP super piercing pulse



SMAT funcation has multi-protection for Laser source when it'srunning , integrated several kind of sensors ,multiple selfinspection,lol to remote control and analysis from GW serviceteam ,maintenance-free .

SMAT smart monitoring auto testing



Based one 976nm pump tech.HBF beam mode provideoptimized beam output ,enchance the cutting speed andcutting quality, specially for thick ness metal sheet,improvethe cutting or welding application efficiency.

HBF high brightness flattop mode



FRM output laser beam , arbitrary combination of highenergy beam and Ring Mode,beam size adjustable,aslo tobe satisfied such as lower spatter welding , flexible cuttingand more application requirements.

FRM Flexible ring mode