GW all laser products based on 976 nm pump technology, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, high brightness high power single module design, significantly improves the Laser cutting, Laser welding, Laser additive manufacturing and Laser surface treatment, etc. Specially new portable air cooled handheld welder, easy operation, 4X fast speed, multi-function data package integration.


  • P series 2000W single mode CW fiber laser source

    P series 2000W single mode CW fiber laser source

    P series 2000W CW fiber laser is fresh new highly compact design, the cutting ability is improved 83% with energy-saving concept, new aluminum alloy anode sealed cabinet, size and weight is much less than other products, it’s “small and Beauty” layout, “stable and strong” performance, new water cooled design, quick plug connection to reduce complexity. Laser module and ACDC power supply separately installed, new design of winding optical fiber to get great laser beam mode .